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Chapter 10: White Knight

“I wonder why he won’t accept?” (Pearce)

Pearce sighed as he sat on his boss’ desk.

“People have their own reasons. And don’t sit on my desk.” (Trask)

“Ah, s-sorry Sir. But still, if it were me, I would gladly accept it.” (Pearce)

Pearce realized how rude he was and bowed to apologize then relaxed his back on the wall instead.

“Lucas isn’t you, he must have his own reasons for turning it down” (Lilianne)

Lilianne prepared three mugs and filled them with coffee.

Normally, this isn’t Lilianne’s job but as a part of the night shift work, coffees are necessary and she thought that she’ll prepare Pearce’s and Trask’s as well since she’s already doing hers.

“Anyway you two, get back to your works.” (Trask)

As soon as Lilianne had finished distributing their coffees, the two employees complied and bowed towards their boss before leaving.

“But still…it’s such a shame if he refuses. What was Lucas’ level again?” (Pearce)

“I think it was 17? Let see…here, 17 alright.” (Lilianne)

Lilianne checked on her tablet just in case, since Lucas was already in the [Favorites], the info was seen right away.

“17 huh? He’s already so strong in just level seventee-………..” (Pearce)

“Hm? What’s wrong?” (Lilianne)

“Eh? Ah, no…just wondering if your tablet is broken…” (Pearce)

“Broken? No, that can’t be……I think it is.” (Lilianne)

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Chapter 9: Peace

“I-it’s happening again!” (Eude)

In front of Eude was the [Hero] turning into a [Monster].

The shiny white mithril again turning into a demonic pitch black once more.

Let’s go back to a few hours ago, Eude had met the [Hero] once more, face to face. He was surprised when the [Hero] told them that the monsters were tamed by him, more so that the child with him is a [Spirit].

To humans, [Spirits] are close to myths, legends, fiction, the type you tell to your kids when telling bed time stories.

To see an actual [Spirit] and actually meet like this, Eude’s respect for the [Hero] grew more.

But the other woman the [Hero] came with was entirely different.

In fact, Eude’s respect had almost plummeted to the bottom as soon as he heard the [Hero] say that she is the [Demon Queen].

He was about to draw his blade but listened to the [Hero] first.

When he said that there is a meaning behind this, that there’s a story to all this, Eude calmed down a bit.

He still didn’t believe in him just yet.

There’s a chance that he may be brainwashed or some sort.

The [Hero] told Eude to trust him.

Eude looked at him in the eye. Even if the [Hero] was wearing a helmet, he can still see his eyes.

In it, there was uncertainness, unease, fear, but there was also resolve.

Eude had interrogated criminals in the past, some were brainwashed, some were not. The brainwashed often has no such emotions when looking at them in the eye.

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Chapter 8: First Wave

“Hold your line! Stand your ground! Defend the walls at all costs!!!” (Knight Commander)

“Sir! Monsters are appearing from the east!” (Soldier)

“Send 5 000 soldiers to intercept them! The city walls shall not fall!” (Knight Commander)

Eude Brianus, Knight Commander of the [Human Kingdom], issued orders as he overlook the battle in the city walls.

The monsters had started their attack about an hour ago, when the sun was about to set.

The monsters numbered 10 000, though the humans have the advantage in numbers, they are weak and cannot kill a monster alone.

This is a losing battle.

Eude knows this yet he continues to fight. For this is his home.

Not just him, all the soldiers battling right now only have one thing in mind.

To protect the people they love even in the cost of their lives.

Even if they knew that this is a losing battle, they still fight.

Fight. Until they die fighting.

This is the honor of a knight.

“If only…that [Hero] is here…where has he gone off to!?” (Eude)

He himself had witnessed the might and power of the man wearing the [Mithril Armour].

Though others feared him, Eude can only have respect and amazement towards the [Hero].

Others had even accused of the [Hero] as one of the Demon’s servants.

Eude cannot blame them, after all, he himself had witnessed that event as well.

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Chapter 7: Blood Rush

“Please….hel…p…” (???)

Do you want to accept the quest?



A weak feminine voice rang out from the green haired person that came out of the woods right before collapsing.

There’s something wrong here…Well, yeah, finding a pretty girl in the middle of the woods collapsing is also unusual and suspicious but this one…how do I say this?

I can see through her.


I can see the ground through her…this isn’t an added effect of [Dragon Eyes] right?

I checked just in case for the description and it really didn’t say anything about X-ray vision. Only farsight and thermal vision.

I mean, yeah, I can use thermal vision to see heat signatures behind cold objects like walls but I only see a red blurred silhouette of the heat.

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Chapter 6: Dorville

Edit: Massacre of Monsters to Monster Mass Murderer…

“[Dorville]…” (Euomun)

Eu weakly muttered as she trembled in place.

I readied myself for the worst and readied my stance.

Lowering my center of gravity with the mithril sword at hand, I prepare to run as fast as I can the moment I see a way.

In all honesty, I want to run away now. But I can’t leave Eu here like this. And I wanted to know how big this monster is and gauge his speed and strength so I can get a better grasp as to how to escape it so I waited.

The bushes in front of us shook slowly.

It felt like hours passed by just staring and waiting for the monster to come.

While the whole atmosphere was clouded in silence, finally, the monster showed itself.

“-!” (Lucas)

I took Eu’s hand and prepared to run as soon as I see the monster but…I stopped.

What can I say…

What was in front of us…was a small fluffy creature with a single horn on its forehead. A horned rabbit so to say.

“W-wha? Geez, you sure know how to scare someone huh?” (Lucas)

Haah…I thought a huge monster would appear but…well, I guess since the bush was short to begin with, the monster would be small since I can’t see it.

Now I felt like an idiot for getting so tense over a rabbit.

Come to think of it, I should’ve used [Enemy Appraisal] before to make sure…oh well, no use fretting over it now. Let’s just be glad we’re alive.

“Come on Eu, it’s a false alarm…Eu?” (Lucas)

I tried to prompt Eu to move but she’s still shaken.

…Somehow, I have a feeling what’s going to happen…well, I have 2 theories but the most probable one is…

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Chapter 5: Elemental Art

Having got out of the cave, Eu and I found ourselves in a gorge. More specifically, the cave we were in is located on one side of it while high up from the ground.

The pathway to go down is too tight, if we were to be attacked while going down, there’s a high chance we’ll misstep and go down the hard way.

Thankfully, Eu has magic that can soften our landing…speaking of which, I think I have one as well.

Oh well, let’s try putting it into use.

Once I was sure Eu got down safely, I followed her hoping that I’ll succeed, if I didn’t…..well, let’s just hope I’m right.

I dove towards the ground head first, correction, hands first and got my skill ready.

“[Earth Bender]!” (Lucas)

Timing the activation to when I touched the ground, the earth softened on my touch so the fall was lessened to the point that I felt like I fell into a huge jelly instead.

Good, it was a success!

“…I think you used ice and wind magic from before…and now you also have earth magic. The other magics from before was also peculiar like transforming into bats and that huge hand. I thought that was [Dark Hand] but that doesn’t seem to be the case.” (Euomun)

“Hm? Does having 3 or more elements weird or something?” (Lucas)

“Yes, having 2 elements are the maximum a [Human] can handle, no, even us [Demons] find it hard to control 3 or more. Are you a Mage of some sorts?” (Euomun)

“Nope…well, maybe you can also say that? I don’t really have a clear grasp at my own class. Also, I have 6 elements…though they’re low at the moment……” (Lucas)

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Chapter 4: Just my Luck

“…How did it come to this?…” (Lucas)

Currently, I’m roasting 10 barbeque at the same time with the meat from [Mornhound] I encountered during the battle before.

After hearing Euomun’s story, I was thinking of a plan to get out of this cave when my stomach growled.

Thinking of this as an opportunity, I used up 20 [Skill Points] on [Cooking].

Since I’m a complete beginner in [Cooking] both in skill proficiency and in real life, I decided to make a simple barbeque with the [Mornhound’s Meat] and tried sticking herbs for fun. After tasting it, I noticed that it actually tasted more delicious than without the herbs.

Not only that, but as an effect, my max HP increased by 2% and STR increased by 1%. It’s small but I don’t care as long as it tastes delicious. Besides, my skill proficiency is still Beginner.

But when I looked at Euomun, I can see her drooling while looking at the barbeque I’m eating.

“…Do you want some?” (Lucas)

“R-really? Is it fine? It’s fine if it’s poisoned, at least I get to eat a tasty looking food before dying.” (Euomun)

“I already said I won’t kill you!”(Lucas)

After that, she wasn’t satisfied with just one and asked for more which brought to this situation where

I’m roasting 10 at the same time.

Well, it’s fine since I get to increase my skill proficiency but I bet I could get more profit by selling it…the ingredients are rare too, I don’t know whether [Harus] has the same type of monster here.

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Chapter 3: Uncontrolled Luck?

Edit: I made it so that Lucas was holding the button down instead of tapping it…..since people say that it was impossible to tap 500 times on the period of time….
Edit Again:…….can’t believe I forgot that each level is 5 [Status Points]…..ugh -_-

A person clad in shining white armor fell from the sky.

Rumors say that the [Hero] has been summoned and everyone rejoiced at the appearance of the white knight.

But there was something wrong.

The person that fell was indeed wearing the [Mithril Set] that only [Heroes] can wear, but surrounding him, was a black mist darker than the black night.

So dark, even though it’s the middle of the night, they could still see the outline of that deep black mist.

The [Hero] landed with a loud boom.

Then began the horror.

Light crosses immobilized the monsters surrounding the [Hero].


With the sound of a beast’s roar, everyone flinched.

“R-retreat!!! The [Hero] will begin his rampage! Retreat if you value your lives!!!”

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Chapter 2: Audience with the King



You have been summoned as a [Hero] due to your title belonging to the [Hero] Class.

This is your first time being summoned!
For 1 week in this world, all time in the other worlds are frozen.

Remaining time: 6:23:30:52


Due to being summoned, you cannot travel to any world until you complete your mission of being summoned.

Current mission: End the conflict between the Demon race and the Human race.


Congratulations! You are the first to discover this world [Senerth]!

For 1 week, you will have double EXP in this world.
For 1 week, you will have double drop rates in this world.

+700 Fame


I let out a weird sound as I stare at these windows.

I mean, what the hell? What does the world want with me!?

I don’t wanna become a [Hero]! I just told Trask that! Why does every force in the universe seem to want me to become a [Hero]!!!???

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